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Bellevue is a diverse, global city at the heart of Seattle's Eastside, home to some of the world's most innovative technology companies. Our stable and talented workforce, well-connected transportation system, breathtaking beauty, and innovation-oriented collaborative culture encourage businesses to grow and prosper. In 2021 the Seattle-Tacoma-Bellevue Metro was listed in the nation's top 10 regional economies and the 2021 Bellevue Business Satisfaction Survey found that nine out of ten Bellevue businesses feel that Bellevue’s economy is better than other Puget Sound cities and towns.

An Award-Winning Community

With top schools, low crime and a vibrant economy, Bellevue is routinely ranked among the best mid-sized cities in the country. In addition to high rankings in the media, city staff has won awards for their dedicated customer services and innovative thinking. Learn more here.

Diversity is our Strength

Bellevue prides itself on being a dynamic, international and multicultural city with residents, businesses employees and visitors from around the world. The City Council’s vision statement begins, “Bellevue welcomes the world. Our diversity is our strength." More than one in three Bellevue residents was born outside the United States and Roughly half of Bellevue’s population identify as Black, indigenous and people of color. These diverse perspectives foster innovation and incubate new creative ideas. In Bellevue, you will experience a welcoming environment, a cosmopolitan workforce, and multicultural vibrancy. Bellevue’s Diversity Advantage Initiative is a formal plan to foster diversity, equity and inclusion in our community.

Workforce and Talent

Bellevue attracts talent from all over the world, and excels at producing engineering, science, technology and creative workers that become global thought leaders. Bellevue is the 3rd best educated community among the nation’s 200 largest cities. Within the Innovation Triangle, a high-tech cluster of Washington cities including Bellevue, Kirkland and Redmond, 23 percent of the workforce are in Engineering or Science-related occupations – that’s 10 percent more than San Jose.  With some of the highest educational attainment rates and best schools in the U.S., employers can access top talent and cutting-edge innovation. Learn More.

Discover Bellevue’s Business Districts

Bellevue is home to vibrant urban business districts that can meet the needs of the most demanding commercial office tenants. From traditional suburban office parks and walkable transit-oriented neighborhoods to the amenities, energy, and access of downtown, there truly is something for everyone. Learn More

Tax Structure

King County offers an attractive tax structure for many types of businesses. Washington State currently ranks 11th highest on the Small Business Survival Index. Washington State’s tax system features:

  • No corporate income tax
  • No unitary tax
  • No inventory tax
  • No personal income tax
  • No tax on interest, dividends or capital gains
  • No sales or use tax on machinery and equipment used in manufacturing operations
  • A state and local property tax with annual increases subject to statutory limitations
  • A business and occupation (B&O) tax which is based on gross receipts

In addition, Washington State compares favorably in per capita taxes compared to other states with significant technology sectors. Washington State also offers a range of incentives geared toward attracting and retaining businesses that will create jobs and enhance economic vitality and stability. Many of the incentives are customized to meet the needs of specific industries. Contact us for more information.


While state constitutional limitations mean that we cannot provide direct financial incentives to business, our team can still help craft a robust incentive package. Depending on the site, timeline, and other factors, the city can offer:

  • Zoning incentives and density bonuses

  • Multi-family tax exemption (MFTE) for new housing construction

  • Streamlined permitting with single point-of-contact and ombuds assistance

  • Transportation impact fee exemption for affortable housing

  • Grants for transportation- or event-related expenses

Bellevue's Economic Development team can also assist with and support applications for:


Bellevue is the geographic epicenter of Seattle’s Eastside in the Pacific Northwest Region of the United States. Located just 10 miles from Seattle, Bellevue has convenient access to both SeaTac International Airport and Paine Field, connecting you to the rest of world by air. Whether your employees are commuting by foot, bike, bus, car or light rail (in 2024 or 2025), Bellevue is well connected to other parts of the region.  Learn More.

With abundant transportation options, Seattle’s Eastside offers excellent, hassle-free access for your employees and clients—whether they will be commuting by foot, bike, bus, or car. Our location at the geographic center of the Puget Sound region is well connected to other parts of the region via:

And over the next several decades, our region will invest more than $50 billion into new fast and frequent light rail lines, creating a 112-mile network rivaling cities like Washington, D.C. and San Francisco. Two of these lines will be centered on Seattle’s Eastside—and the first is scheduled to open in 2024 or 2025.

Bellevue partners with TransManage and Choose Your Way Bellevue to offer comprehensive commute planning and transportation assistance programs for companies and individual employees.

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