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Before you start any project that includes clearing and grading, tree removal or tree cutting, installation of rockeries or landscape walls, or work in a protected area, you should check to see if you need a permit for your project.

Many people are surprised to learn that the city requires a permit for such work. The purpose of the permit is to help protect water and earth resources, fish and wildlife habitat, and public health and safety from potential adverse impacts associated with clearing and grading activities. 

Commercial and Multifamily Clearing and Grading Permits

  • Commercial Clearing and Grading: Clearing and grading associated with a building permit, removal and installation of underground storage tanks, major changes to nonresidential landscaping, walls, or rockeries that don’t require a building permit, roadway and utility installations​​​​​​, removal of hazardous trees and other permitted clearing and grading activities in critical areas that require SEPA review. (GD)
  • Landscape and Vegetation: Removal of vegetation or changes to landscaping associated with a nonresidential, multifamily residential, or other property developed under a Planned Unit Development. Also minor clearing and grading work. (GB)
  • Plat Infrastructure: For clearing and grading associated with infrastructure construction on an approved preliminary plat, short plat, or PUD. Infrastructure includes roads and streets, water, sewer, storm drainage, dry utilities, and plat landscaping. (GE)

Residential Clearing and Grading Permits

  • Clearing and Grading in Critical Areas: Activities conducted within a critical area or critical area buffer, or removal of vegetation or landscape changes on property that contains RVAs or NGPAs that are not within a critical area or critical area buffer. (GJ)
  • Minor Clearing and Grading: Clearing and grading on a single-family property not combined with a building permit, including landscape changes, construction of rockeries and modular block walls, removal of trees and other vegetation, and removal of any significant tree eight inches or greater in diameter in the R-1 zoning district in the Bridle Trails area and. (GA)