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Most land use applications require that notice be given to the public about the proposed land use application. The notice allows the public to comment on the proposal. Public notice is not typically required for a construction permit, unless the permit includes review under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Notice can include a public information sign posted near the project site, notice by mail to owners within 500 feet of the proposal, a notice published in local newspapers, and the city's Weekly Permit Bulletin. Every land use proposal does not require a public notice sign to be posted.

There are a number of ways to find out about development proposals in your neighborhood or elsewhere in the city. These include:

Weekly Permit Bulletins

Each Thursday the city publishes a bulletin listing new land use applications, recommendations and decisions. 

Information Signs  

Signs are posted at certain project sites, informing the public of proposed land use actions and providing basic project information and phone numbers.

Public Meetings

Certain projects include an informational public meeting. See the Weekly Permit Bulletin for scheduled public meetings. Get information on Planning Commission meetings.

Permit Center

Drop by the permit center located on the first floor of City Hall, review the Land Use Code (LUC) or ask us your general development-related questions.

Public Records Center

Records staff provide access to development project files. Visit the Development Services Records page to learn more about submitting a public records request.

Online Permit Status

Go to MyBuildingPermit to get project information, including contacts and permit history on the property.

Project Reviewers

Planners assigned to review projects are identified and their contact information given in the Weekly Permit Bulletin and in the project status information online. They are happy to answer your questions about a project.