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The city offers ‘Park Smart’ yard signs to help inform the public about existing parking laws. These signs also inform vehicle owners that vehicles parked illegally may be subject to citation. Several signs are available based on the parking concern:

  • No Parking within 5 feet from a Driveway
  • No Parking within 10 feet from a Mailbox
  • No Parking within 15 feet from a Fire Hydrant
  • No Parking within 20 feet from the Corner
  • No Parking within 30 feet from a Stop Sign

Upon receiving your request, Transportation Department staff will coordinate with you to deliver the signs and assist with the installation adjacent to your home. A maximum of two (2) yard signs per household will be provided; more signs may be distributed based on community needs.

City staff will install signs in the public right-of-way in locations that do not obstruct visibility for people traveling. Do not move the signs placed in the right-of-way without consulting with Transportation Department staff. When public right-of-way is not available, residents are responsible for installing signs on private property.

You are responsible for confirming the signs are in accordance with any applicable homeowners association or other property regulations.

Learn more about Parking Rules and Restrictions in Bellevue and review the Guide to Parking Laws 

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