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Development Services offers one-stop permit shopping for land and building development in Bellevue and the surrounding service areas. We review plans, inspect projects and investigate code violations. These services ensure that projects are safe and aligned with federal, state and city codes. Development Services strives to provide convenient options to meet the needs of all customers.

Virtual Permit Center Appointments 

Development Services is offering virtual permit center meetings to allow customers to schedule one-on-one time with staff to receive convenient assistance with general permitting questions prior to applying for permits. Visit the Virtual Permit Center page to learn more and book a virtual permit center appointment.

Apply for Permits

Our permitting process is completely paperless. Customers can submit applications, upload plans, pay permit fees and schedule inspections online at MyBuildingPermit.com. More information is available on the Permits page.

Highlighted Development Services

Use the menu items on the left to navigate through our website and view the services we offer, or follow one of these popular shortcuts.

  • Tree Removal and Retention - Bellevue is committed to preserving our city in a park. Here is everything you need to know about cutting down trees.
  • Permit FAQs - Wondering how to get started in the permitting process? Get all the answers and links to resources.
  • Zoning Requirements - An overview and FAQs to help you navigate the zoning requirements in Bellevue’s land use code.
  • Public Notices and Participation - Most land use applications require that notice be given to the public about proposed land use applications. Learn more about public comments and participation in the process. 
  • Weekly Permit Bulletin - Official notice of land use applications, public meetings, decisions, recommendations, public hearings and appeals of land use decisions in Bellevue. 
  • Code Compliance - Learn how our code compliance team works toward voluntary compliance with city codes and ordinances. Use our city portal to report code violations.
  • Code Amendments - Information about proposed and recently adopted amendments to the city code.
  • Development Activity - Current development activity updates. 
  • Bellevue Map Viewer - Access a variety of interactive map layers for parks and trails, wetlands, property information and more.
  • Residential Building Permits - Learn what is required to build a new house, add a room or remodel your kitchen.
  • Building and Fire Codes - Policy interpretations, building tip sheets, and information on building and construction codes, including electrical, mechanical and plumbing codes.

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