Electrical permits are required for adding or moving electrical circuits and for changes to the service panel. An electrical permit is also required for:

  • Adding a panel, transformer or generator
  • Adding or altering a branch circuit
  • Moving an electrical appliance, such as a dishwasher, range, washer or dryer
  • Installing or replacing an electric furnace or air conditioner 
  • Installing an electric vehicle charging station
  • Installing solar panels or modifying a solar photovoltaic system 
  • Doing electrical work that is considered more than maintenance by the Bellevue Construction Code Chapter 23.05.090(C)&(D).

Some electrical permits may require plan review. Examples of projects that require you to submit electrical plans with your application include: 

  • New non-residential building
  • New multifamily residential projects (three or more dwelling units per building)
  • Installations or alterations over 2,500 square feet
  • Any installation or alteration in a space with health or personal care, educational and institutional occupancy categories
  • Photovoltaic Systems and Wind Driven Generator Systems on non-residential, multifamily residential and single family residential properties
  • New installations or alterations of services, feeders, generators, subpanels and transformers rated 100- amps or greater of non-residential, multifamily and mixed-use buildings
  • Installations in hazardous locations as defined by the NEC & WCEC
  • Replacing 50 percent or more of the lighting luminaries  
  • Installations on electrical systems operating at over 600 volts
  • Installations as required by the building official for which by their nature are complex, hazardous or pose unique design problems

Submit permit applications and plans online at MyBuildingPermit.com

Submittal Documents and Forms

The following documents or forms may be required to proceed with your permit application based on the scope of your project.

Refer to the Electrical Plan Review Submittal Guide for help in assembling an accurate and complete set of electrical plans for your project.

If you feel that your project should not require plan review or that any requested document does not apply to your project, contact an electrical plan reviewer to receive a waiver.

Electrical permits that do not require plan review can be issued the same day. These permits will still require inspections.

Fees and Timelines